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Ab Wheel Regular

Ab Wheel Regular

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Specification :-

Product Code- AB

Colour– Green

Product Dimension – 22.5 X 19 X 9 cm

Weight – 0.56 kg




  •          TARGETS ABS AND CORE FOR GREAT RESULTS; The Exercise Wheel tones and strengthens abs, arms, and back muscles to help build strong tight core and ab muscles for back support and posture (and six-packs)
  •          ULTRA PORTABLE CONSTRUCTION - SO CONVENIENT; easy to assemble, our Ab Wheel is suitable for traveling, and manufactured from lightweight durable materials for easy carrying in bags or luggage, guaranteeing wherever you are, the perfect core workout will be within arm's reach
  •          PREMIUM KNEE PAD AND FOAM HANDLES FOR COMFORT; our Exercise Roller Wheel includes a soft knee pad, protecting your knees from pain and grinding when working out on hard or wooden floors or on carpets at the home, office, or at the gym
  •          WOBBLE-FREE DUAL WHEEL DESIGN; the Ab Wheel Roller is manufactured with safe, high-grip foam handles for superior non-slip handling together with dual wide-spaced wheels for optimal stability when performing targeted and advanced exercises
  •          GREAT FOR ALL LEVELS; our Ab Roller Wheel is suitable for both beginners and advanced exercisers to develop balanced core strength. Whether you do your own workouts at home or do programs like P90X or Crossfit, our Ab Wheel Roller will be a great addition to your home workout equipment.



Key Benefits


Our handles are padded with anti-slip comfort foam for a custom fit that won't exhaust your hands.

Ab Roller comes with a center spacer that gives you the option to spread out the two wheels for additional stability.

Good quality: one of the most effective family fitness equipment. Sponge to ensure safety and comfort


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