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Accu mat Round

Accu mat Round

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Product Details:

  • 1,594 total acupressure points
  • Embedded magnetic points provide for combined therapy;¬†acupressure &¬†magnetic therapy
  • 10 magnets in total, specially¬†designed throughout the mat for ample surface area coverage


  • It is affordable, suitable for all ages and very easy to use. Pamper your feet after a long walk, workout or while working or watching TV.
  • Durable structure with non-slip platform
  • Designed for all foot sizes
  • Convenient for home or office use, easy to store
  • Lightweight, sturdy and easy to clean
  • Ergonomically designed for foot arches, heels &¬†toes


  • Massage of the arch of the feet:¬†¬†Place your feet around a central dot on the surface and walk on the acupressure nodes.
  • Massage of the toes:¬† Place your toes on the beginning of acupressure surface and walk on your tiptoes.¬†
  • Massage of the heels:¬† Place your heels on the acupressure surface and walk on your heels. You will feel a good stretch in the calf muscles.
  • Massage of the other parts of your feet:¬† Place the external side of the feet within the perimeter of the surface and walk on the acupressure nodes.

How To Use:

Just put this magnetic-cum-acupressure mat on a plain surface and stand on it for 4-10 minutes (you can stand more time if you want to do) twice a daily.


1. Improves blood circulation and oxygen level.
2. Ideal for digestive problems, sciatica
3. Relieves tiredness and stress
4. Increases energy level
5. Stimulates nerve and accu point
6. Extremely helpful in relieving fatigue, muscle pain and stiffness
7. Acupressure mats reduce constipation, sleeping disorders and also helpful for Insomnia.


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