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Skipping Rope Comfort (Assorted)

Skipping Rope Comfort (Assorted)

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Tangle Free Rope

The rope cord uses a tangle free design to make certain you get the best, twist free jumping experience.

Comfort Foam Handles

Our handles are padded with comfort foam for a custom fit that won't exhaust your hands.

  • Burns Calories & Tones Your Body At The Same Time - jumping rope for just five minutes a day you will really see results and a difference in your body OR jump rope for five minutes 3 times daily for rapid results - you’ll be amazed how much extra energy you will have!
  • Relieves Anxiety & Stress Naturally - decreases overall levels of tension, elevates and stabilizes mood, improves sleep, and lifts self-esteem -- just five minutes of jumping starts endorphin production, the natural painkiller that makes us happier and less stressed
  • Large No-Slip Handles - Exercise with confidence in your living room or office. Comfortable size for kids, teens, and adults.
  • Anti-Tangle Design - You’re going to LOVE the speed and smoothness of our proprietary Never Tangle design, which gives you faster and more enjoyable workouts.
  • 9ft Adjustable Jump Rope - Rubber coated steel speed rope is easy adjust. Simply unscrew handles and cut to desired length. 9ft length for men and women up to 6ft tall.


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