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Yoga Roller (Assorted Color)

Yoga Roller (Assorted Color)

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  • 【Foam Rollers For Muscles】Roll before and after your work out at the gym, Pilates or yoga to condition and stretch muscle tissue, and remove painful trigger points. Foam Rollers are great for Back Pain and Back Exercises. Great for core stabilization, balance and stamina.
  • 【High Performance】Muscle roller is made of high density EVA foam, rugged, tough and comfortable to use, easy for beginners. Body roller can bear a weight of 440lbs, make great accessories for the gym.
  • 【Foam Exercise Roller】Perfect for runners, yoga, Pilates, dance, athletes, before running to stretch, after workout recovery to get relief from sciatica, plantar fasciitis , strained lower back and neck, calf, legs, etc.


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A cooling gel eye mask is a small, flexible mask that is placed over the eyes to provide relief from tired or puffy eyes. It is typically filled with a cooling gel or other material that can be chilled in the refrigerator or freezer prior to use.

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