About Us

The Concept India is a company dedicated to providing customers with comfort, health and quality products. The company was started 19 years ago with the sole purpose of redefining the concept of healthy living. Today, after years of experience and brand value, The Concept India (TCI) has achieved high recognition in the health care industry and is known for its quality products. TCI has dealers throughout the length and breadth of the nation and is growing by the day. The goal is to reach out to the maximum target audience and provide the luxury of comfort and health at the best price.

The market today in India offers many health care products, most of which are low in quality and difficult to use in daily life, not to mention the price always weighs heavy on your pocket. Although the bigger problem is always the time factor, many people today don't find the time for a spa appointment or a massage session. Keeping in mind the need of the hour, TCI has introduced to it's customers to a whole range of products which is designed to pamper your senses and rejuvenate your health after a long days work. The products can be used anytime at the convince of your home, saving your time and money.

Health concerns these days are growing in number. Every family today has at least one member suffering form joint pains, sinus, backache or arthritis to name a few. Star Health aims at providing health care products to cater to most of the health issues that the average Indian faces today. Ensuring relief from pain and relaxation at the same time. The products cover an entire spectrum of health issues. The foot rollers are easy to use and provide relief from joint pains, knee pains, improves blood circulation and helps in curing arthritis. The hand rollers can be used for relieving back pain, neck pain, cramps, calf muscle pain, shoulder pain and also form sciatica.

The product line also includes a one of its kind face mask which can be strapped on to the face and helps in solving basic skin problems like wrinkles and pimples; it also gives relief from sinus, fatigue and stress. Another unique product is the neck belt which helps in critical problems like slip disk, spondylosis and muscle sprain. The heat pad also helps in relief from sciatica, spndylosis, backache-muscular, frozen shoulder and arthritis. The eye mask is another product which caters to basic problems like dark circles and wrinkles, moreover it also helps is relieving stress. The product line extends to two unique products, first of which is the aloe Vera juice which helps in controlling diabetes, heart weakness, blood pressure, weight loss, excessive thirst, uric acids and cholesterol control. The second is the very effective Karela Jamun Juice which helps in diabetes, increase blood, gas, indigestion, acidity, kidney problems and bone weakness.

Company has recently added one of it kind. Rechargeable Heat Pad, Which works on rechargeable principle, wherein you have to charge the pad for 8/12 minutes & it remains warm for 60 to 90 minutes.

Apart from these Star Health Products is introducing a new range of equipments and health care products like Vaporizers, Twister, Car Massager, Back Massager etc. to cater to the latest needs and extend its services. Keeping in mind the ever changing face of the health industry, these products are made to provide comfort and relief at the same time.