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Neck Pillow Beans 2 Way

Neck Pillow Beans 2 Way

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  • UNIQUE Model 2 in 1 usage, can be use as neck pillow and head support pillow.
  • MICROBEAD TRAVEL PILLOW designed to be more comfortable than inflatable, micro bead and down neck pillows.

  • FILLED WITH EXCLUSIVE, ULTRA-PREMIUM Comforlite MICROBEADS. Our super small polystyrene beads will give you the relaxing support you need and will conform to your every position. However, they will not crush easily like so many other pillows on the market that use inferior quality beads. Buy the pillow that lasts!

  • DUAL COMFORT! Super soft and cosy plush on one side and cool, relaxing spandex on the other. It’s like having TWO pillows and everyone knows how important it is to have flexibility during travel.

  • SNAP CLOSURE. Allows you to secure the pillow around your neck to help prevent your head and neck.

How to use :

Keep this pillow just backside of your neck for support.

Can be used as Head Support Pillow,just need to roll it as per the instructions mentioned.

Benefits :

  1. Eases the pain brought by the nerves constriction and prevents and releases muscle tension.
  2. Easy to attach to any luggage with pull handle without taking up extra space for easy transportation.
  3. It is made from responsive elastic memory foam that ensures comfortable head and neck support.
  4. Ergonomic design helps to adapt to different head shapes


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