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Badminton Racket

Badminton Racket

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  1. Frame: The frame is the main part of the racket and is usually made of lightweight materials like carbon fiber or aluminum.

  2. String Bed: The string bed is the part of the racket where the strings are strung. It should be strong and durable to withstand the tension of the strings.

  3. Strings: The strings on a badminton racket should be tight, durable and provide good control for shots.

  4. Balance Point: The balance point of a racket refers to the point at which it is evenly weighted. A racket with a good balance point will be easier to control.

  5. Shaft: The shaft is the part of the racket that connects the handle to the frame. It should be flexible yet strong.

  6. Handle: The handle of the racket should be comfortable to grip and provide good control. It should also be well-balanced and have a good grip size to fit the player's hand.

  7. Weight: The weight of the racket should be suitable for the player's style of play and preferred level of control.

  8. Head Shape: The head shape of the racket can affect the trajectory of the shuttlecock. Some players prefer a larger or smaller head for specific shots.


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