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Foot Sole Silicone White

Foot Sole Silicone White

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When your feet hurt because you’ve been on them all day, you need better support and comfort with Star silicone orthopedic insoles. When it comes to your feet, keeping them clean, dry, and comfortable is essential to your overall health and wellness. And when they’re sore or tired, it’s easy to lack energy and feel confined to sitting down all day. That’s why we created thick, cushioned Soles Silicone Orthopedic Inserts, a better footwear solution for people who need better support and all-day comfort. Great for men and women alike, these hypoallergenic inserts are tough, durable, odor and stain resistant, and keep your feet feeling great even after a long day at the zoo, at work, or traveling.

Feature: -

  • Ideal for diabetic foot
  • Fits all types of shoes
  • Made from 100% medical-grade silicone
  • Alleviates Foot Strain - Made with ultra-cushioned silicone, our shoe inserts help reduce foot and toe pain while running, walking, standing, or exercising.
  • Cushioned Support - Thicker than your standard insert, these silicone inserts provide better support without adding bulkiness or tightness to your shoes.
  • Unisex Design - Perfect for men's and women's shoes alike, these universal shoe inserts can be cut to fit a variety of shoe types for home, travel, or business wear.
  • Customizable Fit - These unisex shoe inserts come in a wide range of sizes perfect for tennis shoes, boots, and slip-on.
  • Hypoallergenic & Odor Resistant - Silicone is naturally hypoallergenic, skin-safe, odor, and stain resistant, and extremely durable for all-day comfort.

Product Details:

Silicone Shoe Inserts (Pair) Soft, Flexible Design Stain and Odor Resistant Hypoallergenic Helps Reduce Foot and Toe Pain Unisex (Men and Women)

Available Sizes:  S, M, L,


S: 35-36-37

M: 38-39

L: 40-41-42.


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