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Hot & Cold Pack

Hot & Cold Pack

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  1. Non-toxic gel
  2. Leak resistant
  3. Reusable
  4. Flexible even when chilled/frozen
  5. Retains chill for a long duration

How to use:

Cold Therapy. – Store the mask in the chilled compartment for 10-15 minutes before use.

Heat Therapy -  To use, place the mask in warm water for approximately 3 minutes. Remove and the mask is ready for use. If the temperature is too extreme, wrap a thin towel around the mask before using it. Do not heat in Microwave.


  1. Controls high fever
  2. Relaxes eye strain and headache
  3. Quick relief from tooth pain
  4. Improve blood circulation
  5. Effective on sprains
  6. A Soothing effect on bruises & bumps
  7. Instant relief in sports injury


What is a cooling gel eye mask?

A cooling gel eye mask is a small, flexible mask that is placed over the eyes to provide relief from tired or puffy eyes. It is typically filled with a cooling gel or other material that can be chilled in the refrigerator or freezer prior to use.

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