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Square Accu Mat Big (Assorted Color)

Square Accu Mat Big (Assorted Color)

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Acupressure mats with pyramid shaped elevations and magnets fitted at important reflexology points are a very effective for good health. Magnetic pyramid foot mat is simple and traditional health care equipment designed with care and perfection. The best thing about Acupressure Mats is that they reduce your tiredness and relax your mind as well as your body. Acupressure Mats reenergize your body's hormones to make you feel good from inner side.


  1. It consists of 20 bio magnets, energy ball, micro points charger.
  2. Very effective, attractive shape, unbreakable


Improves blood circulation and oxygen level.

 Ideal for digestive problems, sciatica Relieves tiredness and stress Opens up energy channel Stimulates nerve and accu point Extremely helpful in relieving fatigue, muscle pain and stiffness Acupressure mats reduce constipation, sleeping disorders and also helpful for Insomnia.

How to Use:

Just put this magnetic-cum-acupressure mat on a plain surface and stand on it for 4-10 minutes (you can stand more time if you want to do) twice a daily.

Safety and precautions:

Use socks while using this accu mat Pregnant women strictly avoid use of this Accu mat.


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