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Air Bed

Air Bed

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  •         Inflatable and deflectable
  •         Portable and lightweight
  •         Easy to store
  •         Comes in different sizes and heights
  •         Can provide adjustable firmness
  •         May come with a built-in pump or require an external pump
  •         Suitable for camping, guests, or temporary bedding solutions.


  •         Comfortable sleeping surface
  •         Convenient for temporary or portable bedding needs
  •         Easy to store and transport
  •         Adjustable firmness for personalized comfort
  •         Can support various body types and sleeping positions
  •         Provides insulation from the ground
  •         Affordable compared to traditional mattresses
  •         Can be used indoors or outdoors
  •         Helps reduce pressure points and back pain.

 How to Use –

  1. Unpack the air mattress and lay it out flat in the area where you want to use it.
  2. Locate the air valve and open it.
  3. Using an air pump, inflate the mattress to the desired level of firmness.
  4. Close the air valve and lay on the mattress to test its firmness. If it's too firm or too soft, adjust the level of air accordingly.
  5. When you're finished using the air mattress, open the air valve and deflate it completely.
  6. Roll up the air mattress tightly and store it in the carrying bag or container provided.


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