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Air Bed

Air Bed

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  • 【Air Lifting Technology】: The moving air is a great way to cure bed sores. Our alternating pressure mattress creates a constant airflow on the back of the patient, so that the air can effectively relieve the pressure sores, diffuse body weight and promote blood circulation.
  • 【3 Modes Pressure Mattress】: All cells of the mattress inflate and deflate alternately, making 3 different modes for the patient. The medical mattress alternates every 7 minutes automatically, supporting and relieving different parts of patient’s body for bed sore relief.
  • 【Quiet and Customizable Pump】: The air pump of the pressure mattress is equipped with the latest quiet motor to ensure the sound and comfortable sleep of the patient. The working sound is less than 50dB, just like a whisper. Also, to fit various needs of different patients, you can adjust the pressure level of the pump according to patient’s weight and needs.
  • 【Bed Sores Relief Material】: The medical pressure mattress is made of premium PVC material, which is breathable, healthy and easy-cleaning, good at protecting the skin health of the patient. This alternating pressure mattress is designed for all patients with bed sores.
  • 【Suitable for All Beds and Patients】: The alternating pressure mattress is sized 76*34.6*2.4 inches. It can be used on twin mattress, full mattress, queen mattress and king mattress, on home bed as well as hospital bed. Also, the pressure mattress can support up to 300LBS. Patient of different weight can use it with no worries.


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