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Badminton Grip 60 Pcs

Badminton Grip 60 Pcs

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Made of PU Material which durable and non-slip.

Designed to wrap around the badminton racket handle

Easy to install and replace

Provides a comfortable and secure grip


Enhances racket control and maneuverability

Improves grip stability and prevents slipping during play

Reduces hand fatigue and discomfort

Absorbs sweat to maintain a dry grip

Protects the racket handle from wear and tear

Allows for better shot accuracy and power

How to use:

Remove the existing grip tape from the badminton racket handle if necessary.

Unroll the new badminton grip tape.

Start at the bottom of the racket handle and align the grip tape with the handle's base.

Begin wrapping the grip tape around the handle, applying firm and even pressure.

Continue wrapping the tape in a spiral motion, overlapping the previous layers slightly.

Ensure the grip tape is taut and smooth as you proceed.

When you reach the top of the handle, secure the end of the grip tape with adhesive or finishing tape provided, if included.

Trim any excess tape if needed.

Test the grip and adjust tightness or rewrap if necessary.

Replace the badminton grip periodically or when it becomes worn out or loses its tackiness.

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