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Skipping Rope Comfort (Assorted)

Skipping Rope Comfort (Assorted)

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 Adjustable length to fit your height and preferences

Tangle-free design for uninterrupted workouts

Lightweight handles for easy gripping and maneuvering

Ball bearings in the handles for improved speed and rotation

Designed for fast and intense workouts

Non-slip grip to prevent slipping during use

Durable construction to withstand regular use and potential impacts.


  • Burns Calories & Tones Your Body at The Same Time - jumping rope for just five minutes a day you will really see results and a difference in your body OR jump rope for five minutes 3 times daily for rapid results - you’ll be amazed how much extra energy you will have!
  • Relieves Anxiety & Stress Naturally - decreases overall levels of tension, elevates and stabilizes mood, improves sleep, and lifts self-esteem -- just five minutes of jumping starts endorphin production, the natural painkiller that makes us happier and less stressed
  • Large No-Slip Handles - Exercise with confidence in your living room or office. Comfortable size for kids, teens, and adults.
  • Anti-Tangle Design - You’re going to LOVE the speed and smoothness of our proprietary Never Tangle design, which gives you faster and more enjoyable workouts.
  • 9ft Adjustable Jump Rope - Rubber coated steel speed rope is easy adjust. Simply unscrew handles and cut to desired length. 9ft length for men and women up to 6ft tall.

How to Use

Adjust the length to fit your height.

Hold the handles with palms facing inward.

Start jumping with light, low jumps and smooth wrist movements.

Practice timing and coordination with variations.

Cool down and stretch after your workout.

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