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Ortho Sitting Pillow Comfort

Ortho Sitting Pillow Comfort

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Are you suffering from Lower back, tailbone, and coccyx pains, or uncomfortable in a seated position for more than 8 hours a day?

With a cooling gel layer on top of the cushion pad, the gel cushion provides great air circulation and allows you to sit without feeling hot or sweaty.

The ergonomically designed seat cushion helps take pressure off, muscle fatigue, leg tightness, hamstring, and supports good blood circulation, promotes healthy posture and proper spinal alignment while sitting.

The back cushion has a convenient handle, non-slip bottom to ensure the cushion will stay in place, machine has a durable zippered cover for easy cleaning.

Star Gel-Enhanced Coccyx Seat Cushion is an exceptional multipurpose product if you are looking for a natural solution for back pain and sciatica relief or just everyday comfort while sitting. 

How To Use: - 

  1. Place the pillow on a flat surface, with the contoured area facing down.

  2. Sit on the pillow, positioning your tailbone in the contoured area. You should feel the coccyx (tailbone) fitting comfortably in the cutout area of the pillow.

  3. Adjust your seating position to ensure that your hips are aligned and your weight is evenly distributed. You should feel comfortable and supported, without any pressure on your tailbone.

  4. Use the pillow regularly when sitting for extended periods, such as when working at a desk, driving, or traveling. The pillow can help relieve pressure on your tailbone, reduce discomfort, and improve your posture.

  5. When not in use, store the pillow in a cool, dry place.

Remember that a coccyx memory foam pillow is designed to provide comfort and support, but it is not a substitute for medical treatment if you have an underlying condition or injury. If you have any concerns about your tailbone pain or discomfort, consult with a healthcare professional.




What is a cooling gel eye mask?

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