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Ortho Sitting Pillow Regular

Ortho Sitting Pillow Regular

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  • 【Memory Foam】Made of pure memory foam that adapts to your curves, provides superior comfort, and helps with muscle fatigue. The premium memory foam never loses its shape and slowly rebounds to its original shape after use.
  • 【Friendly Design】Anti-slip rubber bottom prevents the need for frequent readjustment. Built-in handle for easy portability. A removable cover makes cleaning easy. Additional mid-cover fabric to protect the core foam. A breathable mesh cover allows air to circulate and prevents heat from collecting in the cushion.
  • 【Ergonomic Design】 The ergonomically designed “U” shaped cushion helps to increase blood flow and supports good gestures. Helps with muscle fatigue, leg tightness, and hamstring soreness. Popular with people who sit for more than 8 hours a day.
  • 【Pain Relief Cushion】Place on any chair to provide extra support to your body to offload pressure on your spine, back, and sciatic nerve. Effectively relieve back, coccyx, sciatica, and tailbone pain.
  • 【Work with Any Chair】This ergonomic seat cushion provides comfort for people who sit in chairs and face screens all day. Great for office work, playing games, watching movies, etc. If you travel by car, train, or plane, but feel uncomfortable with the seat, this portable cushion will be your best travel partner. Bring extra comfort to your office, car, or chair!

How To Use: -

  1. Place the pillow on a flat surface, with the contoured area facing down.

  2. Sit on the pillow, positioning your tailbone in the contoured area. You should feel the coccyx (tailbone) fitting comfortably in the cutout area of the pillow.

  3. Adjust your seating position to ensure that your hips are aligned and your weight is evenly distributed. You should feel comfortable and supported, without any pressure on your tailbone.

  4. Use the pillow regularly when sitting for extended periods, such as when working at a desk, driving, or traveling. The pillow can help relieve pressure on your tailbone, reduce discomfort, and improve your posture.

  5. When not in use, store the pillow in a cool, dry place.

Remember that a coccyx memory foam pillow is designed to provide comfort and support, but it is not a substitute for medical treatment if you have an underlying condition or injury. If you have any concerns about your tailbone pain or discomfort, consult with a healthcare professional.


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