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Cool Seat Pad

Cool Seat Pad

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Features of Cool Seat Pad :

1. Comfortable heat-absorbing gel
2. Neither refrigeration nor electricity is needed. The pad is activated by body heat itself.
3. It is safe and clean, low carbon, Eco-friendly
4. Reusable
5. Flexible
6. Washable
7. Flip over when not in use to preserve the cooling effect.

 Benefits of Cool Seat Pad :

  • The passive cooling in these pads is activated by your body heat which keeps you cool.
  • Cool seat pads are safe to use for the long term and do not become very cold as to be dangerous it will just be pleasantly cool.
  • Best choice for long-distance drive and desk workers.

How to use Cool Seat Pad :

Just unfold the piece wherever you want to seat.

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