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Curtain PVC

Curtain PVC

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Curtain PVC, also known as PVC strip curtains, are a type of flexible barrier used in doorways and other openings to separate different areas and regulate temperature and air flow. Some common features of curtain PVC include:

  • Durability: Curtain PVC is made from a durable, flexible material that can withstand heavy traffic and regular use.

  • Clear visibility: The clear material allows for easy visibility through the curtain, making it ideal for use in areas where visibility is important.

  • Easy to install: Curtain PVC is easy to install and can be cut to size to fit any doorway or opening.

  • Cost-effective: Curtain PVC is a cost-effective solution for separating areas and regulating temperature and air flow.

  • Energy-efficient: By regulating temperature and air flow, curtain PVC can help reduce energy costs and improve overall energy efficiency.

  • Versatile: Curtain PVC can be used in a variety of applications, including industrial, commercial, and residential settings.

  • Easy to clean: Curtain PVC can be easily wiped down and cleaned, making it a low-maintenance solution for separating areas.


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