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Ortho Sitting Pillow Round

Ortho Sitting Pillow Round

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  • DONUT PILLOW is perfect for preventing pressure on the tailbone and lower extremities. The discreet hole in the middle relieves pain and pressure related to sciatica, childbirth, hemorrhoid sufferers, or those who sit for extended periods of time
  • SEAT CUSHION high-density foam keeps its original shape even after repeated use and it is great for travel, at home, in the car, or at the office
  • DONUT PILLOW FOR TAILBONE RELIEF features a ring shape that conforms to the lower body contouring and provides natural comfort and support
  • DONUT CUSHION is machine washable with an easy-to-remove polyester cotton cover

 Key Benefits

Donut Seat Cushion Pain Relief
Piles Treatment,
Bed Sores,
Post Natal Orthopedic Surgery – Firm Sitting Pillow




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