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Flexy Palm Massager

Flexy Palm Massager

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  •         Long, slender handle with a flexible massage head
  •         Sturdy plastic or rubber material
  •         Textured massage head for added stimulation


  •         Promotes muscle relaxation
  •         Provides pain relief
  •         Improves blood circulation
  •         Versatile for different body parts
  •         Enables self-massage and control over intensity

How to use:

  • Identify the area to be massaged.
  • Grip the handle firmly.
  • Position the massage head on the targeted area.
  • Apply desired pressure and perform massage techniques (circles, kneading, rolling).
  • Focus on specific points if needed.
  • Gradually cover the entire area.
  • Massage for a few minutes or as needed.
  • Adjust pressure and technique based on comfort and sensitivity.




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