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Foot Roller - Orange

Foot Roller - Orange

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  1. Easy to use simultaneously for both feet.
    2. It is best to apply acupressure to the feet because all nerve points are there.
    3. It is an ideal gift item for health-conscious people.
    4. Long life instrument.

How to use:

Place feet over roller and move with gentle pressure using a to and for a few minutes every day, to get relief from stress and tension. This foot roller will give your health, fitness and vitality. Use regularly for 5-10 minutes and you're worn out, tired and tense feeling will be replaced with a rejuvenated effect on your face.


  1. Designed to relieve sore feet and increase blood flow
  2. Stimulate blood circulation, adjust the function of entrails, strengthen the immunity of human body, relax the nerve ache, ease tiredness of the muscle.
  3. Durable ABS plastic makes the massager lightweight and convenient and extra durable.  The roller gives your feet dual relaxation and acupressure, ensuring you receives a deep reflexology tissue massage every time.
  4. Better alternative than wood: Easier to clean, no possibility of splinters, and no aging/ cracking
  5. Great for desk workers and computer workers at home or at office.
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