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Ortho Hand Protector (Assorted)

Ortho Hand Protector (Assorted)

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Made of soft and flexible silicone material

Provides comprehensive coverage and protection to the palm, fingers, and sometimes the back of the hand.

Offers a non-slip grip with a solid patterned surface.

Designed with breathability to keep the hands cool and comfortable.

Easy to clean by hand-washing with mild soap and water.

Suitable for various activities that require hand protection.


Cushioning and Impact Absorption: The gel padding in the glove helps absorb impact and provides cushioning, reducing the risk of hand injuries or discomfort during activities that involve repetitive motions or impact.

Protection: The glove covers the palm, fingers, and sometimes the back of the hand, offering protection against abrasions, cuts, or impact-related injuries.

Enhanced Grip: The non-slip surface of the silicone material improves grip, allowing for better control and preventing objects from slipping out of your hand.

Comfort: The soft and flexible silicone material, combined with the gel padding, provides a comfortable fit and reduces strain or fatigue during extended use.

Breathability: The breathable design of the glove allows for proper airflow, preventing excessive moisture buildup and keeping the hands cool and dry.

Versatility: The silicone hand protector gel glove can be used for a variety of activities, including weightlifting, gardening, sports, or household tasks, providing hand protection in various settings.

Easy to Clean: The glove can be easily cleaned by hand-washing with mild soap and water, ensuring proper hygiene and maintenance.

How to use

Ensure your hands are clean and dry before wearing the glove.

Slide the glove onto your hand, making sure it covers the palm, fingers, and back of the hand.

Use the glove during activities that require hand protection, such as weightlifting or gardening.

Remove the glove when necessary, such as during breaks or after completing tasks.

Clean the glove regularly by hand-washing it with mild soap and water.

Allow the glove to air dry completely before reusing it.


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