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Gym Ball

Gym Ball

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  •  ANTI-BURST COATING: Anti Burst coating makes this ball safe to use. It is tough to burst even with sharp objects.
  • SAFE & INJURY FREE: Even if punctured, the ball will deflate slowly and prevent injuries. The honeycomb structure is burst-resistant and enables this ball to easily support weights up to 270kgs.
  • NON-SLIP SURFACE: Circular treads and anti-slip rubber makes it slip-resistant and very stable so that you can work out worry-free.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Core strength is crucial for our overall stability and posture. Now easily train your core muscles and improve your body posture with this 55,65,75,85,90 cm circumference ball. This sturdy Ball is also great for Pilates, yoga, stretching etc.
  • BIRTHING BALL: This ball is great for pregnant women as they can use this for Pilates. They find it useful for easing back pain & labor pain. Post-pregnancy this ball is useful for gaining strength and flexibility back.


  • Improved Core Strength: Using a gym ball for exercises like planks, crunches, and push-ups can help develop strong core muscles and improve overall stability and balance.
  • Increased Flexibility: Stretching and doing yoga poses on a gym ball can help improve flexibility, range of motion, and posture.
  • Better Balance: Performing exercises on an unstable surface like a gym ball can help improve balance and coordination.
  • Reduced Risk of Injury: Gym balls can help strengthen muscles that support the spine and improve posture, which can help prevent injuries.
  • Enhanced Rehabilitation: Individuals recovering from injuries or surgery can benefit from using a gym ball for low-impact exercises that can help improve mobility and range of motion.
  • Variety of Exercises: Gym balls can be used for a wide variety of exercises, making them a versatile addition to any workout routine.
  • Affordable and Accessible: Gym balls are relatively inexpensive and widely available, making them an accessible option for individuals looking to improve their fitness level.

How to Use

Choose the right size for your height and weight.
Inflate the ball.
Warm up with simple exercises to get used to the ball's instability.
Use the ball for core exercises like crunches and planks, balance exercises like squats and lunges, and stretching exercises like hip openers and back stretches.
End with gentle cool-down exercises.
Use the ball in a safe and controlled manner, and avoid bouncing or overstretching.

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