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Hand Dyanometer Counting Grip

Hand Dyanometer Counting Grip

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Hand Dynamometer Wrist Grip Exerciser Device Such Strength Meter is easy to use.

This Hand Grip Strength Meter is the very tool to measure your Hand Hold Strength.

Let your hand hold such Grip Strength Meter device and become stronger!

The power of this little Hand Grasp Ergometer is unimaginable.

Such Meter is ideal for routine screening of Grip Strength Meter at home or in school.

This Strenth Meter can measure isometric grip force from 0 - 130 Kg.

This Hand Grip Strength Meter has High quality!! Handy and reliable.

Ā Features

Ā Long lasting & durable.
Useful for treatment of Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Tennis Elbow.
Best for Athletes & Sports Individuals

Ā Benefits

Ā Grip strength assessment: It provides a quantifiable measurement of grip strength, which is an indicator of overall hand muscular strength.

Monitoring progress: Regular use of the hand dynamometer allows you to track improvements in grip strength over time.

Rehabilitation and therapy: Hand dynamometers are commonly used in physical therapy and rehabilitation settings to evaluate and monitor hand strength during recovery from injuries or certain medical conditions.

Sports and fitness training: Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can use the hand dynamometer to gauge hand strength and track progress in strength training routines.

Ā How to Use

Ā Hold the dynamometer securely in your hand.

Align your hand with the grip handle of the dynamometer.

Squeeze the grip handle with maximum force using your hand muscles.

Read the displayed force measurement on the dynamometer.

Release the grip and reset the dynamometer if needed for subsequent measurements.


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