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Head Sweat Band (Assorted Color)

Head Sweat Band (Assorted Color)

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Made of absorbent and moisture-wicking terry cloth materials.

Adjustable band for a comfortable fit around the head

Worn around the forehead area

Available in various colors

Lightweight and portable


Absorbs sweat from the forehead and hairline during physical activity

Helps keep sweat out of the eyes, preventing vision impairment

Reduces the risk of sweat-related slipping or accidents

Provides a barrier to prevent sweat from dripping onto the face

Helps maintain focus and concentration during sports or workouts

Offers comfort and prevents sweat from running down the face

Adds a stylish and sporty accessory to your outfit

How to use:

Ensure the head sweatband is clean and dry before use.

Slide the head sweatband onto your head, positioning it around the forehead or hairline.

Make sure the head sweatband covers the forehead area and is not too loose or tight.

Begin your physical activity, whether it's playing sports, exercising, or any other activity that may cause sweating.

As you sweat, the head sweatband will absorb moisture and prevent it from reaching your eyes or face.

If the head sweatband becomes saturated or uncomfortable, remove it and replace it with a dry one.

Store the head sweatbands in a dry and ventilated area to prevent odor or mold buildup.


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