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Skipping Rope Weight (Assorted Color)

Skipping Rope Weight (Assorted Color)

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Weighted handles for increased intensity

Adjustable length to fit different heights

Durable construction for long-lasting use

Comfortable grip to reduce hand fatigue

Provides a versatile full-body workout

Lightweight and portable for convenience.


  • SMOOTH & TANGLE FREE WEIGHTED JUMP ROPE– This heavy weighted jump ropes features an extra thick 9mm diameter & 9.8' length solid weighted cable, which features durable and smooth, ensures the maximum service life and avoids cracking or breaking. The 360° ball bearings in the handles avoids the twisting or winding like other fitness ropes.
  • ALUMINUM NON-SLIP HANDLES – The 6.25" long aluminum handles measure 28mm in diameter, the handle coated with a special anodized coating. Each durable aluminum handles is covered with silicone grips for extra comfortable and strong grip, so that you can take full advantage for doing exercise.
  • ADJUSTABLE 1LB JUMP ROPE – This Weighted jump rope comes with a fully adjustable 3m (9.8') long cable. Recommended for anyone 6ft and shorter. Jump rope comes with instructions. Appropriate for all ages & sex
  • PERFECT FOR SPORTS FITNESS – Our exercise weighted skipping rope can shape your cardio endurance, stamina and speed, while improving the muscle tension of your whole body, builds muscle definition and burns fat. This weighted jump rope is Great for Fitness Workouts, Cross fit, cardio training, Jumping Exercise, Skipping, MMA, Boxing, Gym, Speed training, Calves, thigh and forearm strengthening, leg training and endurance training.

 How to Use

To use a weighted skipping rope: adjust the length to your height, hold the handles and jump over the rope as it swings over your head, maintaining good posture and gradually increasing speed and intensity.

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