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Kinesiology tape Regular (Assorted)

Kinesiology tape Regular (Assorted)

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  • āœ… Support Muscles & Joints: Our kinesiology tape helps reduce tissue pressure and supports your muscles and joints ā€“ also helps reduce pain for knees, ankles, shoulders, shin splints, back, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, and more.
  • āœ… All Day Comfort: Our premium fabric is latex-free, lightweight, and breathable. Our adhesive is skin friendly ā€“ see our product images and our guides on how to apply/remove the tape to reduce skin irritation.
  • āœ… Long-Lasting Support: Our original cotton kinesiology tape lasts 2 to 3 days and our pro synthetic kinesiology tape lasts 4+ days ā€“ providing you with options for long-lasting support during physical activity.
  • āœ… Customer/Professional Recommended: Our tape is highly recommended by repeat customers and professionals who come back to buy more rolls after trying it. We offer several different colors, too!
  • āœ… Easy to Use Guides: Our kinesiology tape comes with a comprehensive taping, as well as a guide with tips for reducing skin irritation when applying and removing the tape.


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