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Accu Ball Soft DLX (Assorted)

Accu Ball Soft DLX (Assorted)

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mall and Compact, this massage ball is perfect for a warm up and cool down routine at the gym, yoga and Pilates studios. This acupressure massage ball is not cause pain which allows you to apply much more pressure and get deeper into the muscle which leads to superior physical therapy. Ideal for massaging pressure points and tightness around the joints, hips, knee, calves, neck and lower back. Regular use of the feet will greatly reduce the discomfort of plantar fascias. Also speeds recovery from injury from over training. Physical therapists highly recommend using massage balls like ours (both the smooth and spike together) before and after any type of physical exercise to keep muscles healthy and pain free.

About this item

  • GREAT MASSAGER – whether you’re looking to relieve muscle soreness, plantar fasciitis, or do some pre or post-exercise trigger pointing, our massager is designed to deliver optimum results. Get the number one massage balls in the market for neck, back, shoulder, waist, foot, etc. trigger-point action!
  • SAFE & PORTABLE – built from pre-tested PVC material that’s environmental-friendly, nonpoisonous, odorless, moisture-proof and safe to handle, our massage balls are a reasonable but affordable solution for on-the-go trigger massage
  • FUNCTIONS –The stronger spiky massage ball high dense rubber reaches deeper into the fascia for tension release, help to relieve muscular tension, improve blood circulation. Will give you the relief you are want.
  • Excellent tool for foot massages
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