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Platinum Massager Vibration

Platinum Massager Vibration

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  1. 3D Roller Ball Head: for deep tissue massage and target specific points
  2. Rechargeable Battery: for cordless use and convenient charging
  3. Adjustable Intensity: to customize the massage pressure according to preference
  4. Ergonomic Design: for comfortable grip and easy handling
  5. Steel Construction: for durability and long-lasting use
  6. Portable and Lightweight: for easy transport and use on-the-go
  7. Multi-functional: may have multiple massage heads for different types of massage, such as shiatsu or trigger point therapy.


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A cooling gel eye mask is a small, flexible mask that is placed over the eyes to provide relief from tired or puffy eyes. It is typically filled with a cooling gel or other material that can be chilled in the refrigerator or freezer prior to use.

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