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Power Band

Power Band

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  • Star Brand Power BandĀ is a multi-functional professional grade strength resistance band.
  • Designed to be used forĀ strengthĀ andĀ conditioning, rehab and exercise.Ā  These are a good way toĀ strengthenĀ muscles and tendons during a workout.
  • Each resistance band is of varying widths creating different levels of resistance.
  • Start with the lowest level of resistance and build sets and repetitions gradually, once the exercises become too easy, move on to the next level of resistance band.Ā 
  • Star power bands are suitable for fitness, yoga, cardio, strength training, CrossFit, calisthenics, powerlifting, bodybuilding, Pilates, and physical therapy.


Power bands can be a great help to start with exercises you are not able to do on your own yet. You can use these bands for pull-ups or chin-ups to give you additional support while youā€™re building your strength up. Progressively you can change the bands for thinner levels until you are able to perform the exercise without any support.

By intensifying the weight you also burn more calories, boost cardio stamina and increase muscular endurance. Perfect for newbies and seasoned pros, these bands can even be used without weights.

Use them in Pilates, Yoga and floor based routines to lengthen the muscles and promote greater flexibility, or incorporate them into circuit training to provide a more varied, and fun workout!


Power bands on their own can be used for a wide variety of exercises that engage different muscle groups in your body. By training all of your muscle groups you are able to gain the benefits of full body workout and get in shape even quicker. Some of the resistance band training exercises include: bicep curl, flye, front squat, splitter, press up, squat to overhead press, shoulder press, upright row, triceps extension and ross body reach.


  • Resistance workout will help you achieve your fitness goals quickly and efficiently while improving your endurance.
  • It will help you get leaner, stronger and increase your muscle mass. Some of the other resistance training benefits include improved muscle tone, improved posture, improved sleep quality and will help you gain muscles as you are losing fat.

Strength training boosts energy levels, improves your mood and translates to more calories burned. It an excellent choice whether you fitness goal is weight loss or muscle gain.

Size and Strength specifications:
13 LBS (Red)

21 LBS (Orange)

29 LBS (Orange)

32 LBS (Blue)

45 LBS (Green)


How to Use

Choose the appropriate resistance level based on your fitness level and goals. Secure one end of the band to a stable object, such as a door or sturdy pole, or wrap it around your feet or ankles. Hold the other end of the band with your hand or foot and perform the desired exercise, such as bicep curls or squats. Perform the exercise for the desired number of repetitions, then switch sides or move on to another exercise. Remember to stretch before and after using the power band to prevent injury and improve flexibility.


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