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Resitant Band DLX

Resitant Band DLX

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  • STAR RESISTANCE BANDS are Adjustable and are of good quality material.Ā Ā It is long enough for shoulder press- designed to stand up to the most rigorous workout conditions.
  • These are premium conform workout Bands with Comfort Handles for continued comfort during repetitive movements.
  • The design is adaptable to the length of the fitness band based on individualā€™s requirements.
  • The Resistance band come with following resistance levels :

RedĀ  Ā  Ā 20 LBS,

GreenĀ  30 LBS,

BlackĀ  Ā 40 LBS

BlueĀ  Ā  50 LBS


Presenting a product for fitness and strength training at your home or office - pull string rubber training pull exerciser.

This unique product can tone your back muscles, reduce belly fat, improve blood circulation and also improves your body posture. It increases the stamina, energy and vitality of the body.

Made with environment-friendly material.Ā  It is safe to use and carry. It is the premier fitness product for strength training and resistance training programs. Cushioned foam handles provide a comfortable and slip-free grip, and the tube which can be combined with other.

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