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Round Smiley - Pillow (assorted)

Round Smiley - Pillow (assorted)

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The gift your Loved one is something special that you haven't given yet. With its Soft Touch Fur material and charming Look this cushion allows for comfortable shipping and slosh-free use, at home or at the office. Washable, it's easy to clean, and Bedroom Use. We use great care to produce the highest possible quality products. 


  • EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE - This is not just a decorative accessory. After all, it is a pillow, and pillows are made for one and only purpose, to provide comfort. Thanks to their extra soft cover and the special inner material, laying your head on our emoticon pillows will feel like heaven
  • UNIQUE GIFT - Show the people you love the most your feelings or your feelings about them. Gift an emoticon with hearts to your partner or choose from the designs available the one that suits best every occasion. We can assure you that nothing yells more "surprise" than our funny round cushions
  • A PERFECT ADDITION - To your bedroom, living room, and generally every place you like to relax in. Our colorful and eye-catching pillows will definitely become the main attraction in your house for every guest.


Provides comfort and support for relaxation and sleep

Adds a cheerful and decorative element to the living space

Can be used as a decorative cushion on chairs, sofas, or beds

Soft and plush texture for a cozy feel

Helps alleviate stress and promote a positive mood

Suitable for all age groups, including children and adults

Lightweight and portable for easy transportation

How to use:

  1. Place the round smiley pillow on a chair, sofa, or bed as a decorative cushion or for added comfort.
  2. Use it as a support pillow while sitting or lounging to provide extra cushioning and relaxation.
  3. Incorporate it into your sleep routine by placing it under your head or neck for added support and comfort during sleep.
  4. Hold or hug the pillow to provide a sense of comfort and relieve stress or anxiety.



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