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Height Increase Sole

Height Increase Sole

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Increase Your Height Invisibly, Live With More Confidence.
-- Wear Height Increase Inserts inside socks and then wear bigger shoes than usual. No one knows the secret of your increased height even when your shoes are off.
--Relieve Foot Fatigue: Soft and comfortable to reduce foot soreness and shock absorbing, ideal for running, walking, and standing.
--We recommend a thickness of 1 inch because it can increase the height while ensuring the comfort of walking and exercising.
--Please Note: Your height will increase by about 0.8 inches (The natural thickness of the insole is 1 inch, and the thickness decreases after extrusion).
--PLEASE NOTE: When using this insole, you will need to wear looser shoes and socks than usual.

Invisible Height Increasing Insoles
- Size: Universal
- Type: Ladies, Men
- Color: White.
- Material: silicone.
- Maximum thickness: 1 inch
- Package Including 1 pair of insoles


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