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Ortho Knee Pad

Ortho Knee Pad

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Made of soft and flexible silicone material.

Provides compression support for the knee.

Designed with breathable materials and ventilation holes.

Includes an anti-slip design to keep the pad in place.

Contoured shape for a secure and comfortable fit.

Lightweight and low profile for ease of movement.

Versatile use for various knee conditions.

Easy to clean with mild soap and water.


Pain Relief: The compression provided by the knee pad can help alleviate pain and discomfort associated with various knee conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, or injuries.

Reduced Swelling: The compression helps to reduce swelling by improving blood circulation and promoting fluid drainage in the knee area.

Support and Stability: The knee pad provides support and stability to the knee joint, helping to prevent excessive movement and reducing the risk of further injury.

Enhanced Recovery: The compression and cushioning properties of the silicone knee pad can aid in the recovery process by reducing stress on the knee, promoting healing, and providing a soothing effect.

Improved Performance: By providing compression and support, the knee pad can enhance performance during physical activities by reducing fatigue, improving muscle coordination, and increasing overall comfort.

Joint Protection: The silicone material of the knee pad acts as a cushioning layer, absorbing impact and reducing pressure on the knee joint during movements, thereby protecting it from excessive wear and tear.

Versatile Use: The knee pad is suitable for a range of activities, including sports, exercise, or daily routines, providing support and protection during various movements and positions.

Comfort and Mobility: The lightweight and low-profile design of the knee pad allows for comfortable wear without restricting movement, allowing you to continue with your regular activities.

How to use

Make sure your knee is clean and dry before wearing the pad.

Slide the knee pad over your knee, ensuring it covers the desired area.

Adjust the position for a comfortable and secure fit.

The silicone material will provide gentle compression without discomfort.

Wear the knee pad during activities that require knee support or as advised.

Remove the knee pad when necessary, such as during sleep or bathing.

Clean the knee pad regularly with mild soap and water.

Check for signs of wear or damage and replace if needed.


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