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Ortho Toe Corrector

Ortho Toe Corrector

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 Soft and flexible silicone material

Aligns and corrects toe position

Non-invasive solution

Easy to use, slide onto affected toes

Comfortable fit without irritation

Breathable and hygienic

Reusable for multiple uses

Suitable for everyday wear with or without shoes


Aligns and straightens toes

Provides pain relief for toe deformities

Prevents the progression of toe misalignment

Improves foot function and balance

Offers comfort and support

Convenient and easy to use

Promotes foot hygiene

Non-invasive alternative to surgery

 How to use

Slide the corrector onto the affected toe.

Ensure a comfortable fit without pain.

Wear them as directed, gradually increasing the duration.

Use them with or without shoes.

Clean and maintain them regularly.

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