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Ortho Relax Foot

Ortho Relax Foot

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Soft and flexible silicone material

Separates and aligns the toes

Spacer design to prevent rubbing and friction

Comfortable fit without irritation

Easy to use, slide between the toes

Breathable and hygienic

Reusable for multiple uses

Versatile and suitable for various foot conditions


Aligns and separates toes

Relieves pain and discomfort

Prevents foot conditions

Improves foot function and balance

Enhances comfort and reduces friction

Promotes foot hygiene and breathability

Versatile for different foot sizes and conditions

Convenient and easy to use

 How to Use

Clean and dry your feet.

Slide the toe separators between your toes.

Ensure a comfortable fit.

Wear them as needed, starting with shorter durations.

Clean and maintain them regularly.


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