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Skipping Rope Pencil (Assorted color)

Skipping Rope Pencil (Assorted color)

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  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Designed with premium quality PVC cable and PVC handles, our skipping rope is built with durability in mind
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT: Our lightweight design and comfort foam handles reduce strain on your hands and use it at home or gym for a great workout.
  • SMOOTH OPERATION : Our tangle resistant cable and soft pvc handles ensure a hassle free experience.
  • VERSATILE USAGE : Skipping or jumping is a low impact and fun way to stay fit. Our jump ropes are appropriate for men and women (from 4ā€™9ā€³ to 6ā€™6ā€³ tall), for adults and kids, and for almost any workout, including boxing, CrossFit, Cardio, MMA and weight loss.
  • IDEAL FOR : It is for Women and Men Rope for Gym; Cardio; Crossfit; Weight Loss.



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