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Gel Ball

Gel Ball

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Gel Filled: The exercise ball is filled with a gel substance that provides a unique texture and feel.

Durable Construction: Made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting use.

Non-Slip Surface: The gel surface offers a non-slip grip, providing stability during exercises.

Soft and Flexible: The gel material is soft, medium,hard and flexible, making it comfortable to hold and squeeze.



Hand and Finger Strengthening: Squeezing and manipulating the gel ball helps strengthen hand muscles, fingers, and grip.

Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy: Gel exercise balls are often used in rehabilitation and physical therapy to improve fine motor skills and dexterity.

Stress Relief: Squeezing the gel ball can help relieve stress and tension, promoting relaxation.

Arthritis Relief: Regular use of a gel exercise ball can provide relief for arthritis symptoms by promoting joint mobility and reducing stiffness.

Improved Circulation: The squeezing action stimulates blood flow to the hands and fingers, enhancing circulation.

How to Use

Hold the gel exercise ball in your hand, ensuring a comfortable grip.

Squeeze the ball with your fingers and palm, applying enough pressure to challenge your hand muscles.

Hold the squeeze for a few seconds and then release.

Repeat the squeezing and releasing motion for a desired number of repetitions.

Start with lighter resistance and gradually increase as your hand strength improves.

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