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Suction Sit Ups (Assorted Color)

Suction Sit Ups (Assorted Color)

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  • High-Density Thick Foam Handle
  • Multi Levels of Height Adjustments
  • Rubber Suction Cup with Lock Design
  • Durable & Anti-Slip
  • Cushioned Support


  • PERFECT HOME FITNESS DEVICE: Self Suction Sit Up Bar for comfort workout at home. Strengthens and Tones your entire body by hitting your Abs, Core, Torso, Shoulders, Arms, Upper Back & Lower Back.
  • COMFORTABLE & QUALITY: The height of the hook High Quality Thickened Foam Soft and Comfortable, no Harm to the foot Design (Increase the softness and comfort of the foam), suitable for different groups of people. Sit-up main exercise abdominal muscles, Brace exercise the buttocks and shoulders, Push-up exercise the chest and arm muscles, Back exercise Main exercise the waist and back muscles, Leg Lifting exercise the thighs and abdomen.


  • USEFUL: Convenient for doing sit-ups every day, especially for busy people who don't have so much time doing exercise. It can be used to train the Abdomen, slip the waist and reduce the abdominal fat when you have the abdominal workout.
  • SIT-UP ASSISTANT DEVICE: The Home Fitness Equipment Which Occupies Small Area and Easy to Use, Easy to carry and install. The enlarged and thickened suction cup enjoy stronger suction is durable to use.
  • INSTALLATION: Easy to install and convenient to use (wipe one by one press three part to complete the installation). small volume small in size and easy to carry and use. Package Including: -1 x Sit up equipment.

 How to Use

 Attach the suction sit-up bar to a flat surface, lie down with your head towards the bar and knees bent, grip the bar securely, suck in your stomach and push your lower back towards the floor for 10-20 seconds before releasing. Repeat for several repetitions and adjust as needed. Remove the bar once finished.


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