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Travel Set

Travel Set

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Neck Pillow: The kit includes a neck pillow made of soft and supportive materials to provide comfort and neck support during travel.

Eye Mask: An eye mask made of lightweight and breathable materials to block out light and create a relaxing environment for sleep or relaxation.

Ear Buds: The set includes ear buds to block out ambient noise during travel.


Neck Pillow: Offers ergonomic neck support, reduces neck strain, and enhances comfort during long journeys or while resting in a seated position.

Eye Mask: Blocks out light to create a dark environment, promoting better sleep and relaxation, especially during travel or in bright surroundings.

Ear Buds: Blocks out ambient noise during travel.

How to Use:

Neck Pillow: Place the neck pillow around your neck, adjusting it to provide support to the natural curve of your neck. Fasten or secure it as needed for a comfortable fit.

Eye Mask: Put on the eye mask over your eyes, ensuring it covers them completely. Adjust the straps or fastenings to secure it comfortably around your head, blocking out light effectively.

Ear Buds: Insert the ear buds into your ears.



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