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Wooden Square Mat

Wooden Square Mat

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Star Wooden Beads Mat is a great companion for people who need to drive or sit for long hours. It provides good air ventilation and gentle massage simply by effortlessly sitting on a seat that’s covered with it. This seat cover can be used on most car seats or chairs.


  • The gaps between the beads help to promote air circulation when you sit on it, keeping your thighs dry and cool.
  • Ideal for car, home and office chairs. 
  • Environmentally friendly natural wooden beads. The beads are strung with durable nylon cords.

 Benefits: -


  • {Ventilation}: The Star wooden bead seat helps for better air ventilation, allowing the air to flow freely and therefore keeping you dry and cool, especially during hot and humid summer days. This also increases the massage area, so the whole of, thighs and hips can be comfortably massaged every second you sit on it.
  • {Universally Fits}: This seat cover cushion can be universally fitted to most car seats.
  • {High Quality Natural Wood}: This seat cover cushion is made of 100% high quality natural wooden beads and double strung with 0.8mm pure nylon cords to keep the seat cover intact and strong, works for whole year.
  • {Gentle Massage}: Wooden Beaded Car Seat Cover provides you a great and effortless gentle massage on your hip and thighs with every slight movement that you make while you are sitting on a chair that is covered with our wooden beaded seat cushion. Protect your upholstery. The gentle massage is similar to acupressure, relieving fatigue and pain caused by long sitting hours driving in car or working at office or home.

 Instruction to use –

Place on flat and clean surface

Stand on mat with bare feet or socks

Move feet to target different areas for comfort

Clean regularly with damp cloth or sponge

Store in a dry and cool place when not in use.

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