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Yoga Brick EVA (Assorted color)

Yoga Brick EVA (Assorted color)

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  • STABILITY + BALANCE: Yoga blocks provide the stability and balance needed in your practice to help with optimal alignment, deeper poses and increased strength


  • DURABLE SUPPORTIVE FOAM: These lightweight and supportive foam blocks are constructed of a durable foam with a nonslip surface and beveled edges for easy gripping
  • MODIFY + ALIGN: Use under your hands, feet or seat (meditation) to ensure the proper alignment needed in order to safely support and modify poses to suit your level of flexibility - If you feel tight, don't risk injury and grab a block or two
  • EXTEND + DEEPEN STRETCHES: Blocks make for the ideal yoga prop and companion, as they are an important tool in your practice to help extend, support and deepen your stretches while also working to increase your range of motion


Provides support: A foam yoga brick can provide support for your body in poses where your hands or feet don't reach the ground. It helps you maintain proper alignment and form, reducing the risk of injury.

Enhances flexibility: By using a foam yoga brick, you can extend your reach and gradually increase your flexibility over time.

Improves balance: Yoga bricks can help you find your center of gravity and maintain balance in challenging poses.

Increases strength: Incorporating a yoga brick into your practice can add resistance and increase the difficulty of certain poses, leading to increased strength over time.

Helps with modifications: Foam yoga bricks can be used as a modification tool to help those with injuries, disabilities, or physical limitations perform yoga poses safely and comfortably.

Deepens practice: With the help of a foam yoga brick, you can explore new poses and deepen your practice, making it more challenging and rewarding.


How to Use

To use a foam yoga brick, simply place it under your hands, feet, or hips in a pose where you need extra support, stability, or height.

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