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Yoga Mat Belt

Yoga Mat Belt

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Material: Yoga mat straps are made of durable and stretchy nylon material, to accommodate various mat sizes.

Size: The straps can be adjustable to fit different mat sizes.

Comfort: The material and construction of the straps can be designed to be comfortable against the skin, without slipping or bunching during use.

Portability: Yoga mat straps are lightweight and easy to carry, making them convenient for traveling and on-the-go yoga practice.

Convenience: Yoga mat straps can be used to securely roll and carry a yoga mat, freeing up the hands for other items.


Convenience in transporting your yoga mat to and from the studio or gym

Durability, protecting your mat from scratches and damage during transportation

Organization, keeping your mat rolled up and secure when not in use

Environmentally friendly, avoiding the use of disposable plastic bags or other single-use carrying options

How to use

To use a yoga mat strap, roll up your yoga mat tightly, place it in the center of the strap, fold the ends of the strap over the mat. Adjust the length of the strap as needed and then carry the mat over your shoulder or in your hand.


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